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We provide solutions to the technical challenges by utilizing emerging technologies

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We develop web and mobile solutions in record time for businesses of all sizes and individual entrepreneurs. Our focus is to utilize technological breakthroughs to tackle significant challenges being faced by the users. Whenever we feel there's a gap to be filled to make the world a better place, we like to be the first ones to jump in.

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This is what we have accomplished.


% project completion rate


% average client rev. increase


% repeat customers


% new business from referrals


We handle the complete research, development, deployment and maintenance lifecycle in-house


We build user friendly and secured web, mobile and software solutions to make complex technologies accessible and usable by even the most novice users.


We do extensive research to come up with innovative solutions that tackle the technological challenges being faced by our clients or the general populace.


We provide maintenance and support services for solutions that we build or roll-out to make them sustainable and expandable.

our project lifecycle

We have clients of varying levels of experience in project management life cycle so we walk through each and every client through a very simplified process to ensure minimum efforts at the end of our clients and to build a solution that meet all of our client requirements.

requirements gathering

We take point wise requirements from our clients at the start of the project in addition to all available documentation that can be provided to get a better understanding of what you'd expect in the final product.

real-time development

We develop all solutions on our test servers that will be accessible by you so you can see progress of your project in real-time. Periodic notifications will be sent whenever a certain phase of the project is completed or when we need your input on anything.

Project completion

Once we have completed the project at our end we will give you enough time to properly test the project and suggest any changes if necessary. Once you are happy with the end results then we will transfer all project files from our test environment to your live servers.

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Our focus and proficiency is in web, mobile and software development with extensive experience of product management. Additionally we specialize in quality assurance reviews, product & market research, public relations and display advertising.

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